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Faye Hadfield’s pots emerge as creatures. Their smushy bodies are made up of clay that has been squashed in her hands and precariously built up into the traditional shape of the everyday vase. An impulsive maker; her practice is playful and expressive. She exploits the raw and crude materiality of clay, finding ways to imbue the same characteristics within her work.

Her pots take on emotions of their own, they are immediate and endearing. Their faces look back at you and fill the awkward silence. Her pots are heavily painted, building up layers of colour with slips and underglazes. She has developed a mark making process which is intuitive, allowing herself to get carried away, often drawing inspiration from everyday motifs and sometimes painting directly from thoughts.

Her scary pots are born from a desire to push boundaries and invert her previous work, taking on a more darker otherworldly notion. They are heavily laden with glaze built up to create texture. They are oddities that come from a world of their own, with toothy smiles and carved out eyes, their strange mannerisms make you wonder about their origin.

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